Wedding Story #1 – The Prologue

Half of my friends are getting married or even having children and I was like “Wtf am I doing with my life?”. After my most dramatic break up scene, I feel like I’m tired of having a relationship with some new random guys. I hate a basa-basi during the PDKT life. Males kenalan haha hihi … Continue reading Wedding Story #1 – The Prologue


No Surprises

No, no. If you think that I’m gonna explain or talk about that Radiohead’s song, no I’m not. Well, here’s the actual fact. I think I have no idea how to make some surprises nowadays. It’s like, hey, if you want to give something to someone just simply give it. No basa-basi needed. Padahal dari … Continue reading No Surprises

Sate Taichan

Yay! It's definitely my very first post of #cookingwithArdizza category. Now I'm gonna share my cooking experience on how to make Sate Taichan, since it's being a hype nowadays. Tbh, I haven't tasted it yet, aku selalu penasaran gimana rasanya Sate Taichan yang katanya gurih dan pedas itu. It's like my things banget, soalnya aku suka … Continue reading Sate Taichan