Inspired by one of my blog friends, Ata, who loves to cook and share her recipes on her own blog, and also by many Instagram friends who love to share their recipes too, I finally had a chance to make one new category for this site, called  #cookingwithArdizza. Kyaaa! Kyaaaaaa!

I’m getting excited yet nervous at the same time, because cooking is one of my passion but I never shared my experiences on it to many people before. I ended up share only some pictures of it on Instagram Stories or/and Snapchat account and didn’t share its recipes. On this new category, I want to share my cooking experiences, not only the pictures but also with my own recipes to my fellow blog reader. So, see you on my first #cookingwithArdizza post and I hope you guys like it!

P.S: I might use two languages; English and Indonesia, just in case I can’t explain it with English in a proper way (’cause I know my English isn’t good enough). Hope you don’t mind.


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