One Fine Day

One of my best friendIrvi Rahmaniahmoved in to West Kalimantan after her marriage. It’s sad to know that now she’s thousand miles away from me but in the other side, I’m so happy for her. She finally found her true love and they lived happily together. I once met her and her husband after their marriage on May 2016 and I haven’t met her yet up until 2017. Then finally, she told me that she’ll be back to Bandung for about a week and she asked me to meet her. Yaaaayyy!!

Thursday // March 23, 2017.
We planned to meet at one of the coziest coffee shop at Dago street, Bandung, named 372 KopiIrvi also invited Fasya and Anggiet too, but sadly, Anggiet had another plan. But on the same day we planned to meet, Fasya also had a plan to meet with one of her blog friends, named Ata from Palembang, South Sumatera. I made friend with Ata too since we followed each other’s blog few weeks ago. So, the four of us finally met and we talked much about anything. It was fuuuun!


Fasya – Ata – me – Irvi



candid shot by Fasya

After we finished our coffee, our fun conversation, and after took so many good pictures, we moved to another place; Daily Dimsum at Jalan Ambon, Bandung. Fasya and me went there by her motorcycle while Irvi and Ata went there by GO-CAR. Fyi, Irvi told us that there’s no Dimsum seller in West Kalimantan so that she was so happy and wanted to taste Dimsum so bad here in Bandung.


Oh, God, what should I called this with? Heaven on earth?

You guys have to try this. The taste is good and the price is quite cheap. Oh, and the chili oil makes it any better. I promise you won’t regret it! Damn, I think I’m starving now.

Day turned to night. Our day was full of joy and laughter and our tummy was full of good food. Time for us to said goodbye. No, no, it wasn’t a goodbye, it was just see you later because I hope to see them again later, in time. Thank you Irvi for coming; I hope you always have such a good life with your husband, thank you Ata for coming; it was good to know you in a person, and thank you Fasya for your time, always. LOVE


10 thoughts on “One Fine Day

  1. Ata says:

    Aaa.. a happy day well spent indeed. Ketawa ngaqaq gegara jokes receh, makan dimsum super enaaaa, ngobrol ngalor ngidur sampe capek tapi in a good way. Seneng juga bisa kenal kamu, Fasya, dan Ipi. ❤ nanti kalo aku mem-Bandung lagi atau kamu yang ke mari, kita main lagi ya! Btw, jangan lupa mimpi ketemu anakonda #ifyouknowwhatImean haha. XD

    • Ardizza Dwittarinda Raharja says:

      Kyaaaa! Senang ternyata jokes receh aku dan Fasya masuk juga sama Ata hahaha. Harus banget yaaa kita nongki cantik lagi kalau kita dikasih kesempatan buat temu lagi ❤

      HAHAHAHA mau banget mimpi dikejar anakonda kok mau mau 😀

  2. Ipiw says:

    Aku mah namanya terpampang nyata di blog kamu gini aja terharu siah. Leuv banget ih sama kamu. Semoga kalian segera mimpi dikejar ular ya, hahahahaha.

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