Quarter of Century Life

So I cried just a little then I’ll dry my eyes ’cause I’m not a little girl no more

That line from Paramore’s Grow Up song is actually the first thing that came up on my mind on the day I turned 25 y-o. I was once a crybaby ’cause I get sad over things easily. But as the time I grow up I realized that I have to be more tough than I’ve ever be. It doesn’t mean that I can’t cry or be sad again, no, it’s really okay to be sad sometimes, but I don’t have to live there overlong because little by little I’ll feel better again. Am I right?

So, yeah, the first day of February was my birthday and I turned 25 y-o this year. OH NO, GOD, I FEEL SO OLD. I feel like I’m still a 22 y-o girl hahaha! Even some of my friends told me I looked like an Elementary School student because I’m short, skinny, tiny, and so on. It makes me feel like I’m forever young!

In the early of February 1, I’ve got a little surprise on bed from my Mama and sister. They gave me a yummy birthday cake and a pair of shoes as a gift. Yay! Well, there wasn’t too much things we could do after that, ’cause it was also a special day for one of my bestfriend, Anggietta, she had a SkripsiΒ defense and I decided to go to her college with Fasya, since we (me, Fasya, and Anggiet) are very close to each other. (Yes, those balloons on my photo are actually belong to Anggiet, she got it right after she finished her defense).


Fasya, Anggiet, and me right after Anggiet’s defense.

Three days after it, me, Mama, and my sister celebrated my birthday by having a little dinner on one of our fave place. Sadly, there was no Papa ’cause he still on his work in Papua. But that was okay, we had some fun! Oh, and I also got another birthday gift from my sister and I was so excited because it’s Star Wars thingy ❀

Oh, ya, I also got another surprises from my high school and college sweethearts. Many many thanks to y’all for always being there on my every special occasions. You know I love you all!

Overall, I’m thanking you Allah, for giving me such a good month with happiness within. For giving me a new age with a healthier mind. For giving me too many good people who love me and always stay. For giving me everything that money can’t buy. For everything that made me beyond happy. Alhamdulillah. Now I’m officially begin my quarter of century life and I’m ready for a new ride. Wish me luck!


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