2016; One Hell of a Ride.

Is it too late now to talk a little about what have been through along 2016? I hope it’s not.

I think 2016 wasn’t my year so far. Too many bad things happened to me but surprisingly, it made me even stronger than before. I also think that 2016 is one of my difficult years. I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it. But, still, I thanked God for whatever happened in 2016. I thanked God because I can through the ups and downs. I thanked God I’m still alive.
Let’s take a look on these words for a moment:


by Rupi Kaur

It seems like Rupi Kaur knows me too well. Haha! Her words basically sum up my 2016 life.

Well, ya, that’s 2016 is all about. I can say that 2016 is one hell of a ride. But, I enjoyed it. Thank you 2016, I learnt so much about everything. AndΒ now I’m ready for a new ride. I don’t make such a resolution like, “New Year, new me!” that sounds like a bulsht for me, and I don’t make any plans, yet. I’m gonna let universe surprise me. BRING IT ON, 2017!


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