Wide Awake

It’s funny how my brain works well at the time like this. It’s 1 am and I don’t feel sleepy at all. I took a cup of Milo (yes, it’s Milo. Since I’m not capable at drink any coffee) and put some ice cubes on it, oh it feels soooo good!

I have no idea when was the first time I’ve got this kinda sleeping trouble. I always wanted to go to bed earlier but then again I failed it. No, I didn’t do anything with my gadget or something so I can’t sleep earlier, no. I just don’t know why. I’ve been thinking about many things. Especially at the time where I’m wide awake and nothing to do with it. I overthink. About my work, my health, my dreams, my love, my future, my plans, my my my…. Everything. They play perfectly in my head over and over again till I fall asleep. It takes many hours, but I don’t remember exactly. I won’t called myself as an insomnia kinda person, because I’m not. Maybe it’s just some kind of circadian rhythm disorder or something. Ya, whatever the name is. And when other people are on their dreams now, I’m wide awake here, thinking about many things while enjoying Wide Awake song. Alone.

Now playing: Katy Perry – Wide Awake
“I’m wide awake. Need nothing to complete myself, no.”


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